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At Basement Force Limited, we really care about the health and safety of our team and anyone else who may be affected by our work. We know that the most important part of our company is the people who make it all happen, so it's our top priority to ensure everyone is safe and healthy while on the job.

We want to ensure that everyone understands the importance of health and safety, and we'll communicate our policies and expectations to everyone involved in our work. We'll always do our best to follow the Health and Safety at Work Etc. Act. 1974 and other relevant laws, codes of practice, and published guidance.

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The Risks of Building Basements.

There’s been a growing trend of extending homes by building basements beneath or next to existing buildings. Compared to an above-ground extension, basement construction is more complex in terms of design and preparation work, as well as the execution of the work. Workers and the general public are exposed to significant safety risks as a result.

If the excavation is not properly planned or conducted, ground movement can occur, and existing structures can collapse onto workers and people nearby. As a result, a significant amount of money may be expended on repairs or demolition of the original building and adjacent properties.

As we have recognised that basement construction risks are frequently poorly managed and controlled, we have put substantial effort into preparing this advice to assist all involved in the process.

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Risk Minimisation for all involved.

To minimise risks, we'll provide safe equipment and tools for everyone to use, and we'll make sure that everyone has proper training and supervision. We'll also take care to handle, store, and transport any materials or substances safely.

We'll ensure everyone has a safe and comfortable working environment, with all necessary facilities like heating, lighting, and ventilation. We believe that by implementing a safety management system and setting an example, we can continue to grow as a company while keeping everyone safe and healthy.

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Working with respect.

We fully support our team's right to refuse work if they feel it's not safe, and we believe that open communication with our team is essential to creating a risk-free workplace. Overall, we're committed to ensuring everyone can work safely and happily at Basement Force Limited.

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